Student Volunteers

Information for Student Volunteers

Many of our “actors” come from local area schools. Students must be in grade 8 or 14 years of age in order to participate. Although we have some younger children participating, they are accompanied at all times by a guardian.
Although working in the Haunted Hollow is fun, we consider each and every role important to the production of the show and therefore expect students to willing go to their assigned job and stay there until they are asked to go elsewhere by an adult organizer. Although there will be some leeway to be creative, safety is our biggest concern and we will expect everyone to follow instructions. If you feel you have a great idea, then please discuss it with your leader.
All student volunteers are required to fill out an application and attend an orientation meeting in September, where roles will be assigned based on auditions,  past experiences with the Haunted Hollow and the nights volunteers will be available to work.
Volunteers must be willing to wear a mask. 
New student volunteers and those not able to attend all sessions will be assigned supporting roles. These students must be willing to fill in where needed.
A “Letter of Recommendation” will be issued to those who would like to add them to their student portfolios.

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