The Haunted Hollow FAQ…

1.  Why  wear sturdy footwear?

Our event is all outdoors and through the woods. It is all on a marked trail. Because of the weather, it is often cold and wet. Sandals and shoes with heals are not the sturdiest.

2.  What if I’m too scared to finish the walk?

A volunteer will escort you out, but sorry, no refunds.

3.  How long is the walk?

The walk itself is a little less than a km and takes about 20-30 minutes to complete depending on how fast you run. But the wait in the lineup can be long. We advise to try for a Friday night as they are usually not as busy.

4.   Is it scary?

Of course it is. We do not recommend children under the age of 10 but it is up to you. We have many youngsters that go through but we also have many adults that are too scared to finish the walk.

5.  How can I volunteer?

See the volunteer link for further info.

6.  Is there any food or washroom available?

Yes, we sell hotdogs and pop.
We also have a porta-potty on hand for those in need.

7.  Why do you do this?

Well… we don’t really know…Ha! Ha! Ha!… a huge amount of blood,   sweat and tears goes in to this each year. But our family and community  effort that goes into the huge donation that can be made from all of our efforts, makes it all worth every last second.

8.  Why do you stop selling tickets at 9:00pm?

Because so many of our volunteers are young people from the community and we feel we need to provide them with a safe and rewarding experience. They are our future volunteers. Therefore, we have decided in their best interest, to sell tickets from 7:30 to 9:00 each evening as like the rest of us, the students get tired. We want everyone to receive the highest quality performance and experience has taught us that this gets hard to do the later it gets.


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