Due to safety  issues and the impending weather,
we will not be open tonight-

Saturday, Oct 27th.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for helping make this year

another success!

Welcome to the 2018

Haunted Hollow Fund Raising Association

The Haunted Hollow of
Hammonds Plains

1561 Hammonds Plains Road

Let the nightmares begin!!!

When the cold night air fills your lungs and you can’t stop shivering, we dare you to wander through the woods of the Haunted Hollow.

We promise it will be one of the most terrifying thrills you have ever experienced!!! Come and visit us and try your chances at staying alive.

Rumors of frightening noises, wild animals and strange behaviors in the woods behind 1561 Hammonds Plains Road have been surfacing through the year but to this date have never been explained. These haunted woods provide breath taking surprises and spine tingling suspense! So come on out and experience what everyone has been talking about.

When the night falls, the woods turn into a graveyard for all of the walking dead to seek out and prey on their living victims. Hiding behind every tree and lurking around every corner are demons, ghosts and ghouls that only existed in your worst nightmares until now. Every step counts, because you don’t know if it will be your last.

Due to the outdoor nature of our event please dress appropriately. No open toed shoes or flip flops.


Strobe lights may be used in some of the scenes.

$ 15   per person-Cash only

$13  with coupon

Donations will  be made to the Halifax Volunteer Search and Rescue Team and other local charities.


Family Pass $50 for family of 4 plus $10 for each additional person.

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